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The Adoption Process! 

3 Dog Collars

Okinawa Stray Pet Rescue isn't a shelter, we're a foster-based rescue group. The first step in adopting from us is to fill out our adoption application with a nonrefundable $10.00 application fee. The adoption application can be found under the "forms" tab above. Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed and approved by our animal care teams. If approved, one of our team members will send you an approval email detailing the next steps of the adoption process. Once you receive an approval email, you'll coordinate with our animal care team to schedule a Meet and Greet session with the animal(s) you're interested in adopting from us. Meet and Greets vary slightly between dogs and cats. Dog Meet and Greets usually take place at the home of the potential adopter, whereas we usually have the potential adopter meet cats in their foster home to ensure comfortability. If the meet and greet go well and you decide to move forward with the adoption, the next step is a two-week adoption trial. The two-week adoption trial is a way for potential adoptive families to make sure that the animals they are interested in are a perfect fit in their family, this helps ensure that all of our animals have the best chances of finding their forever homes. The two-week adoption trial can be extended on an as-needed basis should you feel you need more time! There is a deposit during the two-week trial period that may be refunded if you complete the trial or can be used towards another animal. During the two-week trial, OSPR offers all supplies including food and vet care. Supplies must be returned at the end of the trial unless otherwise negotiated. Finally, once your trial is completed and you decide to finalize the adoption! An adoption coordinator will reach out to you to schedule a finalization appointment. Finalization appointments usually happen at Kadena Vet Clinic to ensure proper registration of your new family member on base. All borrowed supplies as well as the remainder of the adoption fee is due at this time. 

We appreciate your interest in adopting from Okinawa Stray Pet Rescue and hope to hear from you soon!

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