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Becoming a Foster

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Okinawa Stray Pet Rescue isn't a shelter. We're a foster-based rescue group which means we rely on the generosity of everyday people just like you to help us in our mission to save lives. Our dedicated network of foster homes is vital to our success. We're always looking for people willing to open their homes and hearts to give these amazing animals a second chance at life and help offer them the love and affection they deserve while they await their forever homes. Fostering is an incredibly important role with OSPR but you can foster with us at no cost. There are absolutely no fees associated with fostering, all supplies including leashes and collars, food, toys, kennels, and vet care are paid for by the rescue. All you have to do is open your home and donate some of your time. 

       If you're interested in becoming a foster home, the first step is to fill out the foster application which can be found under the "forms" tab above. There is no application fee. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by our foster coordination team. If your application is approved, our foster coordinators will reach out to you to schedule an in-home visit and go over the foster contract with you. Once you're approved and set up to be a foster home, you'll be contacted when we intake an animal that needs a home! 

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